sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2009

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Do 'site' oficial do Governo de Timor Leste (existe apenas em inglês):

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h correia disse...

Comentários para quê?

Realmente, é muito triste. Muito mesmo.

Anónimo disse...


There is nothing wrong with this Website !
We can't expect everything change in terms of substantive issue or contains. Please bear in mind, the current government is on going administrative reform and institutional building. It means that all new input information undergone a process of scanning, validating, and editing before final publication. Every valuable contribution to make it perfect is welcome. It is too ridiculous to judge and blame the actual government for failed to update the website.
This country is ongoing process of nations building; the change will come like Obahama said.

It is really painful to hear many portuguese blamed East Timor people because of lack of human resources.In fact yes,but We Timorese have got no opportunity since 500 years ago. Our country has been unsustainable exploited either human or natural resources. It creates a very deep social disintegration between Timorese people.

it is better to judge based on common sense rather than political interest.