sexta-feira, 25 de julho de 2008

O FMI e o Orçamento Rectificado

Parte de conclusões do comunicado do FMI (25JUN08) sobre o (então ainda projecto de) Orçamento Rectificado de Timor-Leste:

"The proposed MYBU [Middle Year Budget Update] reinforces concerns raised in the staff appraisal, including the need for well planned and managed spending to guard against waste. While the proposal reflects the government’s desire to respond to rising commodity prices, the scope is considerably larger than earlier plans for the rice subsidy. Given still undefined operational details, weak administrative capacity, and the timing, it is not expected that much of the ESF appropriation could be spent in the remaining half of the fiscal year. In addition, initial public reaction suggests the MYBU proposal will encounter significant opposition in Parliament."

"No comments...". O que já é, em si, um comentário...

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